Conflict relief for Ukraine higher education institutions

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ukraine as attacks of war disenfranchise Ukrainian citizens. In response to the crisis, edX is making the Online Campus e-learning catalog available at no cost to qualifying accredited Ukrainian-based higher education institutions.

With this offer, Ukrainian colleges and universities will receive no-cost access to the edX Online Campus course catalog for online learning, including:

  • Unlimited student access to more than 1,400 courses from the top universities and companies in the world
  • Easy-to-administer subscriptions licenses for course discovery and enrollment
  • Administrative dashboard analytics
  • Learner dashboard to drive student success
  • No risk. No obligation.*

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*Not available to institutions or learners in the Crimea region.

Courses in the Most In-Demand Topics

From the world's leading universities and companies, like:

Relief for Higher Education Institutions in Ukraine

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