Creating innovative, flexible teaching & learning experiences with online content

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About this Resource:

Unlock opportunities to enhance existing curricula and experiences, offer new subject areas, and even create new credentials and credit pathways at your college or university with modular, ready-made online courses and programs. The future of education is blended. But what does that look like in practice? And how do you make decisions and support faculty in incorporating these models into your own campus and classrooms?

Grounded in data and best practices gleaned from edX For Education’s work with institutions around the world and evidence-based pedagogical methods, this playbook offers insights into developing your own institution’s or classroom’s approach to leveraging online content to create innovative, flexible teaching and learning experiences.

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  • The two primary models for integrating online content into your curricula
  • 6 examples of how institutions around the world are using online content today
  • Tips for optimizing your approach to empower faculty and drive student success
  • How edX Online Campus can support your efforts