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Harness the Power of Online Learning for Your Remote Students

Article by edX

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Learning Designed to Stick, at Scale

True, impactful online content is much more than a video recording of a lecture delivered to 30 in-person students. Online learning is a unique environment with its own distinct strengths and opportunities for engagement.

Active learning is a critical attribute for online learning that results in skills and knowledge that are retainable and transferable. It’s a well-known approach to designing a learning experience that pairs course material with application, feedback, and reflection. The edX platform was developed with active learning theory at our core; our learning experience design team works with university partners to develop and deliver impactful learning content at scale, leveraging insights from what we have learned in the last 10-15 years about how learning happens online and data from millions of learners taking actions within edX courses.

Modular Building Blocks for Hybrid, Future-Forward Skills

Online education offers the unique ability to partition learning into Lego-like building blocks; modular units of learning that allow students to learn in smaller chunks and explore and build customized skill sets that can increase job prospects and career mobility.

The fastest-growing fields often lie at the intersection of two seemingly unrelated professions—for example, while data science skills are increasingly valuable, a data scientist often also needs a strong working background in the industry in which they are embedded. This requires a unique hybrid skill set that can be a challenge to teach in a traditional education setting.

Offering modular learning blocks allows students to augment their education with a specialized credential or portion of a degree and/or combine skills that aren’t usually taught together in, piecing humanities skills with technology skills, communication skills with coding skills, analytical skills with design skills, etc. In fact, these hybrid combinations of skills are what Burning Glass Technologies call “the secret of career success in the digital world ahead.”

Invaluable Global Connections

Learning at scale comes with connections at scale. Students in online courses have the opportunity to connect and interact with fellow classmates from every corner of the world with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

While many online learners begin with apprehension, they leave with a strong sense of community.

Expand Your Online Learning Experiences

Today, the world of online learning is limitless. More than 25 million learners and 6,000 instructors connect on the edX platform to learn together.

Learn more about how your college or university can use access to a catalog of high-quality, relevant edX courses and programs from top universities to:

  • Support your remote learning efforts
  • Easily expand and add new topics to your curriculum offerings
  • Augment your already-online learning programs
  • Offer courses as stand-alone options
  • Keep students on the path to their academic goals

The benefits of online learning go far beyond flexibility. Learn more about how to fully harness this powerful way of learning, from offering the opportunity to build valuable hybrid skill sets to creating lasting connections between students around the world.

Empower your students to join thousands of other learners from across the globe in an online learning community: Learn how edX Online Campus enables colleges, universities, and more to add high-quality, on-demand content to their overall learning environments in a turnkey, scalable way.